The Dead Weather – Cut Like A Buffalo.

I’ve been trying to stop myself from posting this all week but it’s so dammed good I’m just going to have to. Jack White was handing out a few 7″s while I was spinning at The Gramercy on Monday and some drunken punter left their copy on the floor at the end of the night so here it is. Seems that DJs care a little more about records than models do. Maybe Jack should remember that next time he’s making free and easy with the promos….

Remember – this is a low quality recording. You really need to buy the single or go see the band playing live to hear this the way it’s meant to be heard. You can also buy this on iTunes if you’re super geeky.


Turner Cody big hit with nude celebrities. Again.

We had Jack White and Nick Cage in on Monday night at The Gramercy Park Hotel this week. When I dropped this new track from Turner Cody a definite “I fully endorse this artist and urge you all to go buy his records” kind of expression came over one or both of their faces. I’m sure of it.

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