More girls persuaded to remove their clothes to a sound track of Tummy Touch and Tim Love Lee..

What is it about our music and nudeness ? Click here to find out.
This is totally fantastic by the way.


Turner Cody big hit with nude celebrities. Again.

We had Jack White and Nick Cage in on Monday night at The Gramercy Park Hotel this week. When I dropped this new track from Turner Cody a definite “I fully endorse this artist and urge you all to go buy his records” kind of expression came over one or both of their faces. I’m sure of it.


Dyanmo Dresden conquers LA.

I just got back from a trip to LA to play our new stuff to all the sunny califolkians we work with. The surprise favourite was Dynamo Dresden, Tara Bush’s old band. They’ve split up now but even when they were together their music barely got released. Tummy Touch will be making this stuff available very soon but in the meantime check this unreleased demo they did.


Last night @ The Rose Bar

For the last two years or so I have pretty much been paying the rent by playing records to arms dealers, models and celebrities at The Gramercy Park Hotel every Monday. Last night we had Anne Hathaway, Sean Penn, Kate Hudson and Salman Rushdie in, and probably more people I should recognise but it’s so freakin dark in there it’s hard to tell.

Anyway, track of the night was probably Kenimania by Mono Mono from the Nigeria Rock Special album. It certainly warmed the cockles of my heart to see Kate Hudson doing a little shuffle to that one.

Sorry about not posting that cover of Red Clay yet, still getting on top of things here at Tummy Touch HQ after the holidays.

Don’t forget to tune in to The Two For Tennis Show tonight at 6pm NY time.

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