My second favourite radio show.

The amazing Crazy Girl has uploaded a new episode of her really mind mending radio show to Brooklyn Radio Dot Net.
Check it out here: Eclectic Crazyland – Episode 49 – The Jimmy Dean Sausage Mix!

“Ladies and Germs -
I’m back again with a new show and new tunes to tickle your ears! I went out and paid 30 GBP for the Opal cd – Happy Nightmare Baby, released on SSt records in 1987, it was never repressed and not on itunes, but worth well the money!!! Just immerse yourselves in the psyche beauty of their track – Magick Power!!!  Gary Glitter, how ever evil he may be, sure made killer music with his band, and I think you’ll agree when you hear their cover of Baby Please Don’t Go. I had to play the second track of side one of John Cooper Clarke’s first ep. When you hear his song Innocents you’ll see where Arctic Monkeys got their influence from. Plus another track off my new fave band – Heavy Load’s album – Flashing Lights, not a Screaming Lord Sutch cover, but equally brilliant. Also Brazil’s number one Rock Star ever – Raul Seixas – with Rock Do Diabo. This track is killer and 100% rock and roll!!! And who knew I was his daughters baby sitter???? Plus the best rock song ever in the history of Rock and Roll and the first rock song that got me to want to make music, it was written by Paul Williams of all people!!! And was performed by The River Bottom Nightmare Band!!! If you have seen Jim Henson’s “Emmet Otters Jug Band Xmas”, then you’re already in the know! Think Alice Cooper performed by menacing puppets!!! Plus much much more!!!”

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