Drunk Dutch people make good bad music

The wonderful Dawn Landes is butcherd here by some drunk dutch. Football, cheese, diamonds and awful cover versions. Lovely.

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  • Andres Bartos says:

    Mr. “Love” Lee,

    I was introduced to your music by a friend and have become a fan. I’m an art student that makes videos. Exit 747 off of Must Call me Lone Lee works like a dream with a video I made. So much so, that I was contacted today to screen it at a festival in Barcelona. Rather than be a dick about it, and screen it without your knowledge, I wanted to contact you. I have no myspace or facebook, so I figured I’d tag this blog and pray you read it. I want you to see the video. I have no intention of making money off of it, and if I can somehow connect more people to what you do, it would make me very happy.

    Andres Bartos

  • Leeboy says:

    hi Andres,

    Thanks for your kind words ! I have emailed you direct about your video. Thanks for checking our my blog.



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