Yes Wave ! The Now Sound of NYC and London

I just put together this compilation of some of the new music which has been exciting me recently. It all kind of sits together so I stole a name from somewhere and started a movement ! Hope you dig it;

What connects New York City’s “Superhuman Happiness” and London’s “Melt Yourself Down” ? These collectives of highly talented multi-instrumentalists are creating a transatlantic buzz with their hi-nrg-ethno-jazz-kraut-pop, or as Tummy Touch head honcho would put it – they are part of the Yes Wave.

Put simply Yes Wave is the opposite of No Wave – it’s a joyous and virtuosic coming together of musicians and audience. According to Kalmia Traver, lead singer with self confessed Yes Wave band Rubblebucket, “the music we’re playing is specifically designed to uplift people and make you feel free and happy and excited to be here”. Or, according to Whitehaus Family Records, one of the early adopters of the term, “Yes Wave music is the soundtrack for a NEW new deal. It is the soulful clatter of artistry and community convening and conspiring in living rooms everywhere”.

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